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Heart of European transhipment
Rotterdam is the heart of European coal transhipment. Nowhere, more steam coal for power plants and coking coal for the steel industry is handled. Access to the port by sea is unrivalled and the same applies to the possibilities for outgoing cargo by river, rail and shortsea. In addition to this, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the port business community respond actively to further growth. The challenge here is to do this in a sustainable way.

Unrivalled access by sea

Rotterdam is located strategically in Northwest Europe, directly on the North Sea and is free from restrictions in terms of tides or locks. Bulk carriers up to 350,000 dwt can enter the port 24 hours a day whatever the circumstances. The port has a depth of 75 feet.

Abundance of facilities

In the port of Rotterdam, there is a wide choice of coal terminals for transhipment and storage:

  • The largest independent coal terminal is that belonging to EMO, established on the
    Maasvlakte. The 1,365-metre long quay can accommodate four capesize bulk carriers.
    For discharging the cargo, four gigantic quayside cranes are used, supplemented flexibly by floating facilities. In one day, EMO can unload 175,000 tonnes of coal. As a result,  even the largest of vessels is ready for departure within two days.
  • Another important terminal operator is EBS. At its terminal in the Botlek area, the company can efficiently unload bulk carriers of up to 70,000 dwt around the clock. EBS  also has facilities in Europoort for the ship-to-ship transfer of capesize vessels.
  • For the handling of smaller shipments of coal in the port Rotterdam Bulk Terminal is a flexible and an attractive partner.
  • EECV too handles a lot of coal. The dedicated terminal supplies its owners TKS and
     HKM with the coking coal they need.

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