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Date 1/16/2012 
Source Overig ©

Italian meal for AVR 

AVR, part of the Van Gansewinkel Group, is to process waste from the Italian city of Naples at the waste power plant in Rozenburg (Rotterdam-Botlek). The first ship, carrying about 2,000 tonnes of baled, sorted domestic waste has left Naples and is expected to be unloaded on 23 January at AVR Rozenburg. Here, the waste will be burnt and converted into energy.


AVR has a licence to import 50,000 tonnes of waste from Italy. The waste will be inspected in both the Netherlands and Italy by staff from AVR and the transporter. This will involve conducting statutory acceptance tests. Waste incineration with energy recovery leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to dumping. Including sea transport, we are talking about a saving of around 160 kg per tonne of waste. 

AVR is the market leader in the Benelux, with a processing capacity of about 1.7 million tonnes and a market share of approximately 25%. The incineration activities produce heat for the surrounding towns, steam for neighbouring businesses and electricity for the national grid. AVR’s net energy production is equal to the annual energy consumption of around 200,000 households. AVR is involved in the realisation of the Stoompijp.

Source: Van Gansewinkel Groep 12-01-2012