Reliability takes top priority

Supply chains are changing. A growing group of companies is aware that digitisation in the supply chain is indispensable if they are to remain competitive in a dynamic market. Reliability is the keyword.

Unreliability results in significant waste in the supply chain. Inland transport is at the beginning or at the end of the supply chain, yet it has a high impact on inbound and outbound warehouse planning.
However, no standards or tools for inland reliability are currently available.

SCOPE: A joint journey towards an optimised supply chain

As a port authority we try to create value for shippers and forwarders by helping them to improve their supply chains via Rotterdam. One of our services is SCOPE: the Supply Chain Optimisation Engine.

Based on an objective analysis of shared historical container flow data, SCOPE enables partners in the entire chain to jointly understand a shipper’s inland supply chain, identify obstacles and implement improvements, during two workshops having all actors at the table.
Port of Rotterdam facilitates this process and performs the analysis.

SCOPE (Supply Chain Optimisation Engine) helps partners in the entire chain via a data driven approach to jointly identify obstacles, implement solutions and optimise their supply chain. Through a number of interactive workshops facilitated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority an objective analysis with all partners will be made.

SCOPE increases reliability across the entire supply chain from Rotterdam to its hinterland and vice versa.

  1. Scope offers clear understanding of the supply chain, its performance, processes and underlying interests.
  2. Scope helps to identify assignable bottlenecks based on solid data analysis.
  3. Scope offers a shared approach for measurable improvements

Interested in SCOPE?

Are you a shipper with a substantial container flow shipped via Rotterdam to or from an inland terminal? And are you eager to improve the reliability and efficiency of your supply chain, reducing costs, CO² footprint and lead times and to learn from your supply chain partners? Please contact one of the below team members.

Ellen Naaijkens
Ellen Naaijkens
Sr. Business Manager Shippers & Forwarders
+31 (0)6 3038 7320
Daniel Bollard
Business Manager Shippers & Forwarders
+31 (0)6 3066 6929


Would you like to have more information about SCOPE? Download the flyer.

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