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The port of Rotterdam is the largest container port in Europe. The enormous scale of container transhipment yields interesting benefits. For example, there are line connections with over 1,000 ports throughout the world and excellent intermodal connections for the transport of containers to destinations within Europe. Furthermore, the port area offers a broad choice of competing service providers and state-of-the-art terminals.

Container terminals

The container terminals in the port of Rotterdam are among the most advanced terminals in the world. State-of-the-art equipment and the largest cranes ensure fast, safe and reliable transhipment of containers. The terminals are directly connected to the North Sea and provide excellent connections to the European rail, inland shipping and road network.

Accessible to any container ship

The transhipment of containers in the port of Rotterdam occurs on the Maasvlakte and in the Waalhaven/Eemhaven port area. Because there are no impediments in terms of locks or tides in the port of Rotterdam, the container terminals are directly accessible 24/7 from the North Sea to any container ship. Within an hour a container vessel can be moored at the quay of a terminal on Maasvlakte 1 or 2 after which loading and unloading can start. This also applies to the largest of vessels.

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Container depots

Container depots are an essential part of the logistics chain. At the depots importers can leave their empty containers and exporters can pick up empty containers for shipment.


Break Bulk

Whether it concerns cars, project cargo and heavy lift, forest products, steel or non-ferrous metals: the port has specialised terminals for any type of break bulk cargo. The all-weather terminal and dedicated service providers who are standing by 24/7 ensure that break bulk can be processed at any time of the day. This, combined with the largest fleet of floating cranes in Europe and well-thought out hinterland connections, makes the port of Rotterdam the break bulk port in Europe.

Distribution, storage & value-added services

The wide range of service providers in the fields of warehousing, distribution and value-added services and its excellent connections make the port of Rotterdam an important hub for efficient distribution across Europe.

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