Port Community System

The port of Rotterdam is a place where hundreds of parties come together and work together to get goods from A to B as efficiently, quickly and safely as possible. This means everything must run like clockwork. In Rotterdam, coordination and the exchange of information take place efficiently and easily via the Port Community System (PCS) of Portbase.

Smart information platform for port logistics

Through the Port Community System, Portbase offers over 40 different services for all the links in the logistics chain. Previously, companies had to organise matters such as pre-reporting a vessel, the status of a shipment, export documentation, loading/unloading papers or communication separately and by e-mail, fax or telephone. Thanks to the Port Community System, those days are over. Everything is now merged into a single system. This results in increased efficiency, lower planning costs, better and more transparent planning, faster handling and fewer errors.

From agents and shipping companies to port authority

The services within the Port Community System focus on all port sectors: containers, break bulk, dry bulk and liquid bulk. All the links in the logistics chain can easily and efficiently exchange information through these services. The Port Community System offers each of these groups its own package of tailor-made services. Via the Service Selector you can see at a glance which services are relevant to you.

Maritime services

Anything a vessel may need can be found in the port of Rotterdam: from bunker fuels and life rafts to the largest dry dock in Europe. A wide range of maritime service providers are at your disposal. This makes Rotterdam a true one-stop shop: loading and unloading a vessel can easily be combined with bunkering, ship maintenance and provisioning for maximum efficiency.
Bunkering of seagoing and inland vessels

The port of Rotterdam is one of the top three bunker ports in the world. 2,000 bunker deliveries take place there every month. Every conceivable fuel is widely available in Rotterdam, from fuel oil to biofuels. Furthermore, Rotterdam is the first port in Europe where it is possible to bunker LNG (liquefied natural gas). There is a wide choice of suppliers who guarantee fast, reliable and safe bunkering at the best price. On the Rotterdam Transport site you will find various service providers in the field of bunkering.

Shipbuilding, maintenance and repairs

Whether it concerns new construction or the completion of ships and offshore objects, or maintenance and repairs: in the port of Rotterdam multiple specialised service providers in any field are available. Rotterdam has, for instance, a mega dry dock measuring 405 by 90 metres, but there are also several diving companies to perform quick inspections or repairs at the buoys and dolphins. Rotterdam Transport provides an overview of companies that specialise in shipbuilding and repairs in the port of Rotterdam.

Supplying ships

A large number of companies in the Rotterdam region are engaged in supplying the marine and offshore industry. They can supply a variety of goods, such as provisions for the crew, cleaning products, spare parts and nautical equipment. These suppliers are available 24/7 and can arrange for everything a ship may need. For an overview of ship suppliers, please visit the website of Rotterdam Transport.

Agents/ship’s agents

There are some eighty ship's agents operating in the port of Rotterdam. They can organise the entire ship handling in Rotterdam or part thereof. From informing the pilots to taking care of the ship's provisioning and representing the ship. You can find them on the website of the Association of Rotterdam Ship’s Agents.

Nautical services

Speed, efficiency and safety are key factors in the transport of goods. This is where the port of Rotterdam excels. Not only during the loading and unloading of vessels, but also in the rapid handling of vessels in the port. The pilots, tug masters and boatmen in the port of Rotterdam work closely together to berth even the biggest vessels at the quay in no time.
Pilots Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Regional Pilotage Corporation (‘Loodswezen’) Rotterdam-Rijnmond provides the pilotage services in the port of Rotterdam. The pilots are intimately familiar with the port and navigate all vessels safely and efficiently through one of the world's most dynamic waterways 24/7 and under all circumstances.

Towage services of Smit, Kotug, Fairplay and Svitzer

Four companies in the port of Rotterdam offer towage services. Together they operate approximately forty tugboats. The assistance of the towage service providers includes berthing and unberthing, manoeuvring through the port, and shifting large vessels or offshore objects. For towage services in the port of Rotterdam, please contact:

KRVE for berthing and unberthing seagoing vessels

In the port of Rotterdam, the boatmen of the [Royal Boatmen Association Eendracht are the experts in berthing, unberthing and shifting seagoing vessels. With their modern punts, tenders and winch vehicles they are ideally equipped to berth any vessel at the quays, under all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To ensure optimal safety, tankers and seagoing vessels longer than 75 metres are required to use the services of the KRVE. The boatmen are spread over thirteen locations in the Rotterdam port area, ensuring that they are always and immediately available for berthing, unberthing and shifting.

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