Hinterland Connections

An extensive intermodal network of rail, road and inland waterways ensures that your cargo will easily and efficiently find its way from and to the rest of Europe. The main industrial and economic centres of Western Europe can be reached from Rotterdam within 24 hours. Based on volume, desired speed, price and sustainability objective, you can choose the optimal mode of transport. There is a suitable, reliable solution for any type of cargo.

Fast connections into Europe by rail

Rail transport to and from the port of Rotterdam is fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Transit times are short: your cargo reaches the German border within three hours. Many destinations in Europe can be reached by train within a day. Because of the short travel times rail transport is ideal for transporting your cargo across long distances and it offers a good solution for transporting large volumes efficiently and rapidly.

Rail shuttles for containers, general cargo and chemical products

More than 250 weekly intermodal rail services start and end at the port of Rotterdam. Rail offers excellent opportunities for transporting containers, dry bulk, general cargo and chemical products. Many of the terminals in the port have their own rail transfer facilities so that cargo at the terminal can be placed on a train immediately. The Rail Service Center Rotterdam (RSC) is also located in the port of Rotterdam. It focuses fully on handling shuttle trains and combined transport.

Direct freight railway to Germany

The Betuwe Route is a dedicated railway line for cargo transport. The 160-km railway connects the Maasvlakte and the port of Rotterdam directly to the German railway network.

Reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable transport by barge

Inland shipping is a reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable way of transporting cargo between the port of Rotterdam and destinations in Europe. Via transport per barge, large volumes of goods can be transported at low costs and with low CO2 emissions per ton. Transported by water, your cargo sails past traffic congestion and roadworks and can even reach Germany without having to pass through locks.

Shipping lines to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland

The port of Rotterdam is ideally located at the mouth of the Rhine and the Maas and provides high-frequency shipping lines to destinations in the whole of Europe. From the terminals in Rotterdam an extensive fleet of inland vessels transports your cargo via the Maas and the Rhine directly to the major economic centres in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria. Sailing times vary from less than a day for destinations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, to four days, for example from Rotterdam to Basel in Switzerland.

Road transport

Road transport is a fast option for short distances to and from the port of Rotterdam. Trucks deliver your cargo right up to the front door, regardless of location or time. 40 per cent of goods leaving the port by truck remain in the Rotterdam region. Half is destined for the Dutch market and only 10 per cent of the cargo transport from Rotterdam crosses the border.

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