Distribution, storage and value added services

There are multiple specialised companies in Rotterdam for any type of goods, including dry bulk, dangerous goods, consumer products, cars, fruits and vegetables.

Value-added services and logistics

Logistics service providers can organise the entire logistics process for you, from the transport of your goods to providing value-added services such as storage, inventory and packaging, repackaging, labelling, assembling, blending and repairing goods. Veterinary inspections of meat and fish and quality inspections of bulk products are also possible. The logistics service providers will take care of the logistics process for you and they can provide invoicing, VAT administrations and fiscal representation services.

Customs bonded warehousing

Theoretically, customs duties are due when goods are imported into the European Union (EU). But the Netherlands allows the payment of these duties to be postponed through the storage of goods in a customs bonded warehouse. Only when the goods are shipped out of the warehouse does the company pay the import duties, resulting again in considerable cash-flow advantages.

Available storage and distribution locations

Are you looking for business premises for distribution activities or storage in the port of Rotterdam? Multiple real estate developers manage and develop distribution and storage locations in the Rotterdam region. They can help you find storage space for various types of goods, both for the short and the long term.


Read the ‘Maasvlakte Distribution Park West’ factsheet.

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