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Innovation: Smartest Port

Innovate. Accelerate.

Rotterdam is a port of pioneers. In the dynamic world of logistics and industry, stagnation means decline. This is why, in Rotterdam, we are continuously looking for answers to the question of how to do things smarter, more efficiently, better and more sustainably. Whether it is about open data, the Internet of Things, sustainable energy or exchanging residual products, innovation flows through the city and the port, just like the water of the Nieuwe Maas River. In the port of Rotterdam, inventive solutions are conceived and innovators are given all the space, opportunities and support they need to succeed. This makes the port of Rotterdam not only one of the largest ports in the world, but also the smartest.

The importance of container transport for global trade can hardly be overestimated. Which is why the container has also been called ‘the invention of the century’.

50 Years ago the first container ship arrived in Rotterdam. In celebration of this anniversary, the Port Authority will not only be paying homage to the past with a special ‘dossier’, but also looking into the future. Can we think of any new inventions that could herald the dawn of a comparable revolution in transport?

How a steel box changed the world economy

Container Exchange Route

The Container Exchange Route (CER) links Maasvlakte’s container companies. CER bundles container flows – meaning that trains, barges and feeder vessels no longer have to call on all terminals individually.

EN CER Container Exchange Route animation

We-nose network for a healthy and safe port

The port of Rotterdam has a unique series of sensors: the we-nose network.

we-nose, e-nose network smartest port chemical industry Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam wants to remain one of the best ports in the world. Innovation is crucial in this respect.

Paul Smits Paul Smits, CFO Port of Rotterdam Authority


If you would like to know more about innovation-related opportunities and possibilities in the port of Rotterdam, please contact:

Marjolein Boer

Manager Innovation

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