3D printing in the port of Rotterdam

Is 3D printing just a thing of the future? Not in the port of Rotterdam. In the near future, the port will have its very own ‘Additive Manufacturing FieldLab’ with 3D metal printers.

The Fieldlab will be located in the Innovation Dock at RDM Rotterdam, the site of choice for innovation in the Rotterdam port area, where companies, researchers and students work together on shaping the new manufacturing industry. RDM Rotterdam will acquire metal printers and a centre for the development of knowledge in the area of metal printing, 3D scanning, 3D design and certification.

The decision to set up a FieldLab is based on the results of a 2015 pilot project organised by various Rotterdam port companies. This project focused on the 3D printing of marine parts. The pilot provided insight into current and future developments. 3D printing is a technology with lots of potential. During the pilot, experience was gained with the current possibilities of additive manufacturing for maritime and port-related industry. The pilot started with 16 participants and has now expanded into a consortium of 28 businesses and agencies. The project is attracting great interest, both at home and abroad.

In addition to port-related businesses, companies from other industrial sectors have become associated with the maritime project, including Fokker (aerospace) and Siemens (software development). InnovationQuarter, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and RDM Makerspace initiated the pilot. The results of the 3D printing pilot project were presented in a report and factsheet. Download the report with all the project findings and the fact sheet about the FieldLab: ‘3D printing in the Port of Rotterdam’.


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3D printing in the Port of Rotterdam.
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