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Distripark Noordzee

Perfect conditions for development and growth

Do you want to grow and develop in Europe’s largest container hub and chemical cluster? Would you like to invest in logistics property and large-scale distribution? At a place where you can take advantage of high-frequency, multimodal connections and scheduled services amid state-of-the-art terminals? Distripark Noordzee on the Maasvlakte offers all the space, development opportunities and hypermodern facilities that you will need. In other words, it’s a premium logistics location in the Gateway to Europe for property developers, investors, shippers and logistics service providers.

Perfect conditions for development and growth

• At the heart of Europe’s largest container hub and chemical cluster
• In the midst of state-of-the-art terminals and depots
• Free space for development and large-scale distribution
• Unlimited development opportunities
• High-frequency, multimodal connections and scheduled services
• All major European economies can be reached in less than 24 hours
• Hypermodern truck parking facility nearby
• Availability of qualified staff

Immediately available: unlimited development opportunities

Distripark Noordzee lies at the heart of the European Gateway. In the immediate vicinity you have Europe’s largest container hub with state-of-the-art deep-sea, barge and rail terminals and depots. The strong Rotterdam chemical and cold-storage clusters are also nearby. Thanks to high-frequency, multimodal connections, Distripark Noordzee offers excellent connections to the European hinterland. Drivers are able to make use of a hypermodern truck parking facility providing all the amenities they need. Due to the proximity of central Rotterdam, employers can draw on a huge pool of highly-educated logistics staff.

Five reasons to invest in Distripark Noordzee

Unlimited development opportunities

With an area covering more than 100 ha, Distripark Noordzee is the only green field location in the port of Rotterdam. The area is perfectly suited to the development of large-scale distribution. Variously sized plots of land can be allocated. No restrictions have been imposed on the height of buildings. Projects will be expertly supervised.

Outstanding high-frequency connections

Rotterdam is the best connected port in Europe. Distripark Noordzee has multimodal connections by road, rail and water. The site is situated alongside the A15 and close to the freight railway line between the Maasvlakte and the European hinterland. In less than 24 hours, you can reach 500 million European consumers. The choice of various high-frequency transport opportunities and operators ensures the establishment of rapid, reliable and cost-efficient chains.

In the midst of strong clusters

Thanks to its location at the heart of Europe’s largest chemical cluster and the ample safety contours, Distripark Noordzee is highly suited to the distribution of hazardous goods and/or chemical products. There are over 45 leading chemical companies and refineries operating in the immediate vicinity.
The strong cold-storage cluster in the Maasvlakte, the development of Coolport in the Eemhaven and Rotterdam’s location as Gateway, making it the preferred first and last port of call, also contribute towards making Distripark Noordzee an appealing prospect for the agricultural distribution industry.
Thanks to the solid safety and security policy, a vast number of high-value goods are handled each year in the port of Rotterdam. Distripark Noordzee is a particularly ideal location for this product group.

At the heart of the European Gateway

In close proximity of Distripark Noordzee you have state-of-the-art deep-sea, barge and railway terminals as well as numerous empty depots. These allow companies to benefit from short supply and distribution routes. The customer-oriented and professional customs office is located in the immediate vicinity. Maasvlakte Plaza offers comfort to drivers and security for their lorries. This hypermodern truck parking facility, which has more than 350 parking spaces and is accessible 24 hours a day, offers every convenience, such as a restaurant, filling station and service point for containers.

Qualified staff available and within reach

Due to the proximity of central Rotterdam, employers can draw on a huge pool of highly-educated and motivated workers. The range of logistics and other courses offered at various levels of educational institutions is second to none. Aiming to optimise accessibility, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has been working to improve public transport to and from the Maasvlakte. As such, Distripark Noordzee offers excellent accessibility by public transport, car, scooter or bicycle.


Are you looking for space offering unparalleled opportunities for large-scale distribution?

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Business Manager
+31 (0)10 252 1668
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Business Manager Port Industry Services
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