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Establish a company in Europe’s premier maritime services cluster
As Europe’s most extensively-developed maritime services cluster, the Waalhaven ranks as the number 1 location for maritime service providers and businesses in the maritime manufacturing industry. Each of the Waalhaven’s maritime lots offers optimal water access: ships do not have to pass under any bridges or through any locks. Because the Waalhaven is at the heart of a strong maritime and offshore cluster, maritime companies located in the Waalhaven are within easy reach of a wide range of clients and suppliers. This, and the ample opportunities to work together with other companies in the area, make the Waalhaven a very beneficial business location – both now and in the future!

Available maritime lots

With quays directly on the water, the maritime lots are ideally suited for diving firms, service companies, ship supply, bunkering and block construction. The sites are long and relatively narrow, meaning that they have a high ratio of mooring length to ground area.

Room for growth

Numerous small and medium-sized businesses – but also leading multinational players – are based in the Waalhaven. The proximity to Rotterdam’s city centre means these companies can draw on a large pool of experienced professionals. Situated in the heart of a major maritime and offshore cluster, the Waalhaven presents numerous opportunities for collaboration and is uniquely dynamic. This makes the Waalhaven a highly favourable location for firms that are pursuing growth.


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Marianne Monster
Business Manager Maritime Industry
Joost Eenhuizen
Business Manager Maritime and Offshore Industry

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