Seamless integration of logistics

In order to create an optimum supply chain, you need the right tools. The port of Rotterdam offers smart ways to organise the logistics process. One of the main services is the Port Community System of Portbase. Thanks to this system, the days when companies had to develop and maintain a whole range of bilateral connections are over. Together with the port of Amsterdam, the port of Rotterdam established Portbase in 2009. The Port Community System of Portbase now covers nearly all of the Dutch ports.

All the necessary information exchange regarding transport now runs efficiently through a single hub. The services available in the Port Community System offer the advantages of more efficiency, lower planning costs, better and more transparent planning, faster throughput times, fewer mistakes and optimal re-use of information. Via the Port Community System more than 40 different services to all sectors in the Dutch ports are currently available, ranging from export documentation to barge planning and drawing up (un)loading lists. New services are continuously being added, depending on the port community’s needs.

Optimum transparency

“We ship approximately 100,000 TEU for our customers annually,” says Rémon Kerkhof, manager Import/Export at Lehnkering Logistics. One of Lehnkering’s customers is a large German chemical producer for whom Lehnkering manages the entire logistics process. For this customer, they ship some tens of thousands of containers each year. The majority is shipped via the port of Rotterdam. Both the producer and Lehnkering required more transparency and less paperwork between the plant and the moment of shipping. This was a reason to start using the Portbase ECS services at the start of 2012, which has made exporting considerably easier.

Kerkhof: “Our customer automatically sends us the cargo details. Our system then encrypts them and forwards them as an ECS notification to Portbase. The result is optimum transparency.” Via the ECS services, Lehnkering is able to track the containers in the port almost in real time. “When abnormalities arise, we can immediately take action. For instance, if a container does not arrive in time or is not cleared by customs. Shipping companies are considerably less proactive in reporting such abnormalities. The ECS services help us to be a true control tower for our customer. Moreover, the customs process in the port also runs very smoothly thanks to the ECS services.

About Portbase

Portbase was created by a merger between Rotterdam’s Port infolink (est. 2002) and Amsterdam’s PortNET (est. 2000). The new organisation was set up in 2009 by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Port of Amsterdam and enjoys wide support amongst the port business community. Its aim is to make the logistics chains of the Dutch ports as attractive as possible by offering a one-stop-shop for logistic information exchange. Portbase hopes to become the national Port Community System within the foreseeable future. It also wants to play a key role in port-related logistics networks both in the Netherlands and abroad. To this end, the organisation combines knowledge of the ports with ICT know-how in an atmosphere of personal co-operation.

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