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We see no limits to your ambition

The port of Rotterdam aims to be Europe’s foremost offshore hub. And the Port of Rotterdam Authority is making a targeted investment in this ambition, with a strong focus on oil & gas, offshore wind and decommissioning. When it comes to realising your and our offshore ambitions, we don’t see any limitations. We are happy to facilitate the sector, in all sorts of ways. This includes creating new room for companies to accelerate their development – both on shore and off – providing a range of innovation facilities and working together in the area of branding and marketing.
The port of Rotterdam can accommodate projects of any size, and its range of options will only increase further in the years ahead.

Among other things, the port offers:
• Sufficient space for offshore development projects, both on land and out on the water
• A wide range of repair and servicing facilities
• Sheltered inland berths with water depths of up to 26 metres
• A large, existing maritime cluster

Offshore Center Rotterdam (OCR)

Are you looking for the perfect site to realise your offshore projects: in the port of Rotterdam, surrounded by one of the world’s most important maritime clusters?
The Port of Rotterdam Authority is realising Offshore Center Rotterdam (OCR).

Offshore Highlights

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When it comes to realising your and our offshore ambitions, we don’t see any limitations. We aim to facilitate the sector in all sorts of ways. For further information about our services and development opportunities for the offshore sector, contact:

Joost Eenhuizen
Business Manager Maritime and Offshore Industry

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