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Deep sea shipping

The port of Rotterdam is connected with more than 1,000 ports across the world via international shipping lines. All of the top 20 largest container shipping companies call on the port of Rotterdam with their international shipping services. They connect the port of Rotterdam to the most important ports across the world. In addition, the port of Rotterdam also is the point of departure for a large number of niche shipping companies that specialise in specific destinations. As a result, you will find an international shipping line to every conceivable destination via the port of Rotterdam.

First and last port of call in Europe for international shipping companies

The port of Rotterdam is the first port of call in Europe for many international shipping companies. For the transport of cargo to Europe, this yields attractive time savings in comparison to other Northwest European ports. You cargo is already on its way to its final destination before the deep sea vessel is on its way to the next port. The opposite is often true as well: in terms of their departure from Europe, many international shipping companies choose Rotterdam as their last port of call. That can save several days in terms of the overall duration of your transport. Due to a special discount on seaport dues for second calls, increasingly more shipping companies call on Rotterdam twice: as the first port of call on their way to Europe, and as the last port of call when leaving Europe. As a result, your cargo always reaches its place of destination sooner via Rotterdam.

Calls by deep sea vessels from Asia rank highest

Shipping companies opt for the port of Rotterdam due to its advantages. Even the largest deep sea vessels can be accommodated 24/7 by the state-of-the-art terminals in Rotterdam, thanks to the absence of impediments caused by locks, tides or draught. That is why, in Northwest Europe, Rotterdam is the port receiving the highest number of calls from Asia, for instance.

Deepsea containerschip

Gateway to Europe and attractive transhipment port

Thanks to its many deep sea connections combined with excellent intermodal connections within Europe, the port of Rotterdam is the gateway to the European market of more than 500 million consumers. Furthermore, due to the many intercontinental cargo flows that converge in Rotterdam, the port is a key transhipment port for international cargo flows. The special transhipment discount on seaport dues for the transfer of containers from one sea vessel to another makes transhipment especially attractive to shipping companies.

Find your deepsea connection with the Navigate route planner

Navigate includes shortsea and deepsea schedules from 550 ports worldwide and all rail and barge connections between Rotterdam and more than 150 European inland terminals. This makes Navigate the most complete route planner of its kind.


For additional information about deep sea services, please contact:

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