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Connected ports, a world of opportunities.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is developing a World Port Network to generate new business opportunities around the globe and promote trade with Rotterdam. By bringing the 'Port of Rotterdam' brand and port development and management expertise to growth markets, the network helps ports across the world to achieve their maximum potential.

The network furthermore offers commercial parties the opportunity to establish themselves in these growing markets.

Advantages of the ports in the World Port Network:

The World Port Network currently consists of SOHAR Port and Freezone, a fast-growing port in the Middle East, Porto Central, a greenfield development in Brazil, and of course the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. Together they offer:

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is developing a World Port Network to generate new business opportunities around the globe and promote trade with Rotterdam.

Port Management Program

The PMP consists of a series of lectures and interactive seminars aimed at sharing PoR’s port development expertise and experience with the client.

The PMP lectures can be tailored to specific topics of interest for the client so long as they are within the scope of PoR’s expertise.

Following this course will give you the tools and insights to improve your port management skills. People will be able to steer into a more prosperous, safe and secure port complex which can lead to the preferred port to do business with in the region!

  • Unparalleled business opportunities in growth markets
  • A transparent, competitive and safe business environment
  • Acclaimed and proven port management system based on the landlord principle
  • Good hinterland connections, sufficient scale, and diversification in terms of activities, including a mix of container logistics, petrochemical industry and energy industry
  • Consistent application of world class standards in contracts and rules & regulations

The best way to create opportunities for yourself, is to create them for others

Port of Rotterdam International (PoRint) is the department responsible for the port of Rotterdam’s global activities. It exports the port of Rotterdam’s knowledge, expertise and world-renowned brand name to help ports around the world achieve their maximum potential.

Port of Rotterdam International


Would you like to know more about what the World Port Network can mean for your business? Please contact:

René van der Plas
Director Port of Rotterdam International
+31 (0)10 252 2006

Rotterdam Representatives

In addition to the World Port Network, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has six Rotterdam Representatives who represent the port of Rotterdam and its network ports throughout the world. They are in close contact with local markets and can help businesses and organisations with their contacts.

PORT FORWARD: Solutions for the digital port.

We have been developing digital solutions and automating our processes since the nineties. Now we would also like to help other ports increase their business value and introduce transparency, speed, efficiency and safety in their activities and supply chains.

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