Agricultural commodities

The port of Rotterdam is an all-round port for agricultural commodities. In Rotterdam you will find a broad selection of services for the transhipment and storage of agricultural products, such as corn, grains, soybeans and oilseeds, such as rapeseed. Furthermore, the Rotterdam region includes various leading companies with expertise in processing and trading agricultural commodities. The large quantities of cargo this involves produce attractive economies of scale for the food, animal feed and biofuel industries.

Import, export and transhipment of agricultural commodities

The port of Rotterdam is ideally situated for the import, export and transhipment of agricultural commodities. The port is accessible 24/7 without any obstructions, such as locks or bridges, and enjoys excellent sea connections with the most important producing regions in for example North and South America. An extensive network of short sea, inland shipping, rail and road facilities provides extensive transhipment options, for example to Germany, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Azure Parcel Lines operates a parcel liner service that connects South America (Argentina and Brazil) with Rotterdam.

Furthermore, the port of Rotterdam contains a large number of buoys and dolphins for ship-to-ship handling. Rotterdam also has several independent tank terminals for handling liquid agricultural commodities, such as edible oils and fats.

Value-added services and processing of agribulk

In addition to being a port for the import and export of agricultural commodities, the port of Rotterdam also is a key industrial site for agribulk-related producers. For example, Meneba/Worldflour processes grains in Rotterdam for the food industry, ADM has a soy and rapeseed crusher in the Europoort, Codrico produces corn products and Provimi produces animal feed. Cargill, IOI-Loders Croklaan and Wilmar Edible Oils have production sites for vegetable oils and fats in the port area. In addition, you will also find the necessary related companies in Rotterdam, such as laboratories and specialised logistics service providers. A growing market for agribulk products is the biofuel industry. Rotterdam has four bioethanol and biodiesel/biofuels production plants.


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