Scrap metal export and transhipment

Carbon steel as well as stainless steel scrap primarily is a European export flow. A great deal of scrap from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium converges in Rotterdam, after which it is shipped in bulk or by container to countries such as Turkey and Egypt. Scrap metal mainly serves as a raw material for the production of round products. Stainless steel scrap is sorted in Rotterdam after which it is exported in bulk or by container to smelting plants in Finland, Spain, Italy and the Far East.

Scrap terminals for scrap metal and stainless steel value-added services

The transhipment of scrap is a highly specialised activity with a great deal of added value. Customers in particular want to receive stainless steel scrap metal in accordance with previously defined specifications. At the modern Rotterdam scrap terminals scrap is therefore carefully analysed, sorted, shredded and combined. This way customers are always assured of the right quality.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities the port of Rotterdam can offer you in the area of scrap terminals, scrap transhipment, storage and related service providers? Please contact:

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Aranka van Strien
Business Manager Dry Bulk
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