Liquid bulk cargo

The perfect port, hub and trade location for liquid bulk; from crude oil to chemicals

The port of Rotterdam is an important hub and trade location for liquid bulk cargo products, from crude oil, gasoline, diesel and biofuels to liquid chemicals and edible oils and fats. Businesses and traders choose the port of Rotterdam because of its central location in Europe, the excellent maritime access, the economies of scale, the wide range of independent liquid bulk terminals and the reliable services.

The port in figures

The eighth edition of Facts & Figures offers information about developments in the port of Rotterdam between 2009 and 2015. One of the key developments in recent years was the opening of Maasvlakte 2. This land reclamation provides room for new developments in the chemical, renewable energy, container and distribution sectors.

Rotterdam is the largest liquid bulk port in Europe with:

  • Excellent maritime access
  • Independent tank terminals and tank storage with a capacity of 31 million m3
  • Price benchmark location: extensive trade in Rotterdam
  • Own industry including five oil refineries, liquid bulk terminals and 45 chemical companies
  • Unparalleled possibilities for transhipment in Europe
  • Investments in capacity, maritime infrastructure and pipelines.
Aerial view of liquid bulk storage facilities in Rotterdam

Liquid bulk cargo shipping: import, export and transhipment

Businesses use the port of Rotterdam as a logistics hub for their products because of the port’s strategic position and large range of options in tank storage and logistics. In Rotterdam, they collect smaller batches of liquid bulk cargo from surrounding countries and then ship it to international destinations in large vessels, and vice versa. Examples include heating oil from Russia which is shipped to Singapore by super tankers (VLCC), ethanol from Brazil which goes to Sweden, gas oil for use in German households and palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia for the food industry in Europe.


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(The Port of Rotterdam Authority itself is not active in the storage, transhipment or trade of liquid bulk products. For specific information on these activities, we recommend you get in touch with the relevant parties in the port.
You can find an overview of these companies in Navigate and the Facts & Figures Rotterdam Energy Port and Petrochemical Cluster

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