Deep sea and feeder

Rotterdam has scheduled deepsea services with over 1,000 international ports and is the first and last port of call for many container ships. The special discount on sea port dues for second calls means that more and more shipping companies are choosing to arrive in Rotterdam a second time: both as first port of call en route to Europe, but also as last port of call when leaving Europe. This makes the Port of Rotterdam the gateway to the world. Feeder services connect to the international deepsea services.

First & last port of call in Europe

Because of its location at the Maas Entrance, the terminals are accessible from sea within a 2-hour sail. The depth of over 20 metres means that shipping companies are able to make maximum use of their vessels. This means that the Port of Rotterdam is also the first and last port of call for the biggest (over 23,000 TEU) container ships. This quickly saves several days on the duration of transport.

Feeder connections

Rotterdam has a wide range of high-frequency feeder services. With destinations including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and the Baltic States. These connections connect seamlessly to the calls from deepsea vessels in the Port of Rotterdam. Some feeder operators combine their services with shortsea shipping, which means that even more departures are possible.

Check Navigate for feeder operators.

Discounts on port dues

The Port Authority offers various discounts on port dues:
• Second call
• Transhipment
• Green award
• Environmental Ship Index (ESI)
• Kwantum

Plan your container transport with Navigate

  • Find shipping routes via Rotterdam
  • Compare and choose the best deepsea, shortsea, rail or barge connection, based on leadtime and CO2 emission
  • Use a business directory of more than 1,500 companies operating in and around the port of Rotterdam
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Gateway to Europe and attractive transhipment port

Thanks to its many deep sea connections combined with excellent intermodal connections within Europe, the port of Rotterdam is the gateway to the European market of more than 500 million consumers. Furthermore, due to the many intercontinental cargo flows that converge in Rotterdam, the port is a key transhipment port for international cargo flows. The special transhipment discount on seaport dues for the transfer of containers from one sea vessel to another makes transhipment especially attractive to shipping companies.

Navigate Rotterdam

Navigate gives a complete overview of the most efficient connections via Rotterdam by deepsea, shortsea, rail or barge. The empty depot planner has been built in to reposition your empty containers. In addition Navigate includes a business directory with companies that are active in and around the port of Rotterdam.

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For additional information about deep sea services, please contact:

Renske Schoenmaker
Senior Business Manager Deepsea
+31 (0)6 5253 9262
Alexander Philipsen
Business Manager Shortsea
+31 (0)6 1021 0164

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