Road transport

Transport by truck is a fast option for short distances to and from the port of Rotterdam. Trucks deliver your cargo right up to the front door, regardless of location or time. 40 per cent of goods leaving the port by truck remain in the Rotterdam region. Half of it is destined for the Dutch market and only 10 per cent of road transport from Rotterdam crosses the border.

Road transport as part of intermodal logistics planning

For longer distances, transport via inland shipping and by rail is more attractive. Nevertheless, road transport remains indispensable in intermodal logistics planning. The first or last part of a delivery often requires some road transport, for example to go from the inland terminal to the final destination. Transport by truck is also highly flexible and often serves as a backup modality if something goes wrong with transport by rail or via inland shipping.

Improvements in road transport to and from the port

The A15 is the main artery for road traffic to and from the port area. The motorway links up well with the national and European motorway networks. Bridges, tunnels and viaducts allow for a smooth traffic flow in this densely populated area. In order to maintain maximum accessibility to the port, billions of euros are invested in the infrastructure. Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) for instance, is working to widen the A15 by the end of 2015 to optimise traffic flow, and projects are underway to minimise the number of delays.

Are you driving to or from Rotterdam?

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Portbase for planning and information exchange

In the port of Rotterdam, Portbase’s Port Community System is used for logistics planning and the exchange of information. The same applies to road transport. Carriers can use the Road Planning service as an easy way to give terminals and empty depots advance notice of the arrival of trucks. They in turn can prepare properly for these arrivals, which helps speed up things for the drivers at the terminal or depot and gets containers on the road more swiftly.

Please note: trucks are subject to environmental requirements on Maasvlakte 1 and 2.

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