Short sea

The Waal and Eemhaven in the Port of Rotterdam is a well-developed shortsea hub. There are daily departures from here to European destinations. The Rotterdam shortsea network offers over 200 destinations to various ports in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Baltic States and Russia. The 24/7 accessibility of the terminals and the ‘just in time’ delivery principle make it possible to supply cargo just before departure.

The shortsea terminals and shortsea service providers are largely clustered in the Waal and Eemhaven area. The former ECT City Terminal (also known as ECT Home terminal for containers) will be redeveloped here into a dedicated shortsea hub. The concentration of many shortsea service providers at this location ensures fast transhipment. The facilities are connected with the intermodal network of rail, road and inland shipping. The internal transport route will ensure efficient exchange of containers between various terminals.

Read more about the unique redevelopment of the Eemhaven into a shortsea cluster.

Combination with feeder services

Various operators combine their shortsea services with feeder services that connect to scheduled intercontinental services. Shortsea entails the transport of freight that originates from and has a final destination within Europe. Feeder cargo originates outside Europe and is mostly transhipped in Rotterdam. This combination enables more frequent departures to even more European destinations for the sea transport of containers within Europe by shortsea vessel.

Navigate Rotterdam

Navigate gives a complete overview of the most efficient connections via Rotterdam by deepsea, shortsea, rail or barge. The empty depot planner has been built in to reposition your empty containers. In addition Navigate includes a business directory with companies that are active in and around the port of Rotterdam.

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