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The port of Rotterdam is a global hub for international trade and home to some of the world's leading industrial clusters. As Europe’s largest sea port it is one of the leaders of the energy transition and is committed to digitisation to make the port, and the supply chain, more efficient. Port of Rotterdam uses its knowledge and experience to manage and develop ports and industrial areas internationally.

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Advisory services: port of the future

The pace of change and number of disruptions continue to increase.
Where do you start when preparing your port for the future in a disrupted environment?

Cover Whitepaper port of the Future

Hand-out: The importance of hydrogen

Ports of the future will switch to sustainable energy carriers based on clean sources. Download the handout below and read more about the importance of hydrogen and the role that your port can play in the supply chain.

Advisory services & Port management

Port of Rotterdam offers broad consultancy for the development and management of ports and industrial areas. When it comes to Port Management our experts can join your organisation for a longer period of time.

Education and training

Tailored training programmes for port authorities and relevant stakeholders, in cooperation with universities and vocational institutes. This can either be in Rotterdam or at a location of your choosing.

PORT FORWARD: Solutions for the digital port.

We have been developing digital solutions and automating our processes since the nineties. Now we would also like to help other ports increase their business value and introduce transparency, speed, efficiency and safety in their activities and supply chains.

Your ticket to an international community

Rotterdam has a lot to offer. Working with Port of Rotterdam means that you get tailored advice for your situation. In addition to that the Port of Rotterdam connects you with companies, knowledge institutes, universities, governmental organisations, standardisation and regulating bodies.The knowledge portfolio is extremely valuable for ports both in established and emerging countries. There is a considerable demand for partners who help develop ports, implement new standards and attract economic activities from all over the world. Port of Rotterdam provides ports with the best options for professional expansion, enabling you to access a network of potential investors and clients, companies and other ports. At the same time this exchange of knowledge establishes new partnerships.

Port of Rotterdam, globally represented

Outside of the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam has seven representatives in important growth regions with offices in Germany, Austria, China, Brazil and Russia. Would you like to learn more about what the Rotterdam Representatives can mean for your business? Please contact one of our representatives in your region.

Connecting the world

The port of Rotterdam is a global hub for international trade. We believe it is therefore important to be globally represented. Outside of the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has representatives in important growth regions like Germany, Austria, China, Indonesia, India and Russia. During the COVID-19 pandemic our representatives wrote their personal column on the business climate in their home countries and their expectations for the future.

Connecting the world header

Our experience, knowledge and network add up to providing access to an international community of potential investors, companies and other ports. provides an unique opportunity. Explore your opportunities!

René van der Plas, Director Port of Rotterdam International

‘Transfer the Port of Rotterdam’s knowledge and mentality to Brazil’

Corné Hulst is the new Operational Director for the Port of Pecém in Brazil. The brand new COO of the Rotterdam joint venture has lived and worked abroad for over twenty years, including in Sohar.

‘Knowledge transfer between Rotterdam and SOHAR works both ways’

The Omani city of Sohar has played a role in global sea trade for centuries. It’s even said that Sinbad the Sailor came from there. The history of today’s modern sea port, SOHAR Port & Freezone, is somewhat more recent. This is a 50/50 joint venture between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the government of the Sultanate of Oman.


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Would you like to know more about what Port of Rotterdam international can mean for your business? Please contact:

Brenda Bussem port of Rotterdam
Brenda Bussem
Project Coördinator Port of Rotterdam International
Edwin van Espen
Edwin van Espen
Manager International Port Development

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