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Around the world, the digitalisation of the transport and logistics sectors is quickly picking up speed. There are all sorts of new technologies, new players, new alliances and new business models. Many of these digital developments focus on lowering transaction costs and search times during the cargo booking process, optimising the port operations of all nautical service providers, increasing the reliability of bookings and visualising status updates on cargo and vessels.

Digitalisation in the port of Rotterdam

Together, these trends and developments in the field of digitalisation are transforming the logistics playing field. The Port of Rotterdam Authority wants to play a decisive part in this process, which will allow us to significantly increase the efficiency and reliability of the logistics chain. That is why we have embraced digitalisation as one of our key strategic themes. This commitment is reflected in a variety of programmes:

  • We work together with clients, chain partners and digital platforms to make Rotterdam a hotspot for the development of the most promising digital innovations.
  • We are developing a variety of products and services that raise the safety and efficiency of cargo handling even further.
  • We have assumed an active role in the collection and sharing of data and information.
  • We invest in new digital infrastructure that can help create the right conditions for extensive digitalisation.
  • We work to connect the port to various logistics platforms. This is an important precondition for a strong competitive edge – and forms one of our key challenges in the years ahead.

Through these initiatives, we want to make our port even smarter, optimise logistics chains that run via Rotterdam and ensure the seamless circulation of traffic and cargo in Rotterdam’s port area.

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