Is your port ready for the digital future?

Digital transformation is leading to fundamental changes in society. This is also the case for the port of Rotterdam. The port is working hard to maintain its status of having the ‘best port infrastructure in the world’, recently awarded to it by the World Economic Forum for the seventh consecutive time. Efficient use of the infrastructure - which will in turn lead to cost savings among the carriers - will not be possible without further digitisation of the port.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s digitisation initiatives either concern the better control and management of the port and port infrastructure (our core tasks) or the initiative revolves around improved insight into or efficiency of logistics processes.

Tools and services

PORT FORWARD: Solutions for the digital port.

We have been developing digital solutions and automating our processes since the nineties. Now we would also like to help other ports increase their business value and introduce transparency, speed, efficiency and safety in their activities and supply chains.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact:

Digital Business Solutions
Karin Akkers
+31 (0) 6 11 56 33 81

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