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Around the world, digitalisation is making huge advances. New technologies, new players, new alliances, new business models. The Port Authority has decided to make a targeted commitment to innovation. This will allow us to take optimal advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalisation.

Together with clients, chain partners and digital platforms, we work to make Rotterdam a hotspot for the development of the most promising digital innovations. In addition, we play an active part in the collection and exchange of data and information. So that we can not only make our own port smarter, but also optimise our logistics chains – resulting in the seamless circulation of traffic and cargo flows.

The Port Authority has set up a new unit to give extra impetus to its digital ambitions: Digital Business Solutions. Our key aim with DBS is to connect more effectively to digital trends that impact the global playing field of the logistics and ports sectors – and to position ourselves more emphatically within these developments.


Pronto is a new application that shipping companies, agents, terminals and other service providers can use to optimally plan, execute and monitor all activities during a port call. This includes pilotage, terminal use and bunker services.

Supply Chain Suite

In this suite we cater to shippers, freight forwarders and traders who want to increase their insight into – and gain tighter control of – their supply chains. One example is Navigate. This online route planner offers a comprehensive overview of transport connections to, from and via Rotterdam. Our ambition is to steadily add more and more operational data. This will allow the tool to offer more and more added value when it comes to improving efficiency in the logistics chain.

Port Support Suite

In this suite we focus on sharing knowledge and experience with other ports and communities. These digital products allow the user to execute physical processes more effectively. One such product is PRONTO. This application supports ship agents and other operators in realising a more efficient planning of ship services like pilotage, terminal use and bunker services.

Tools and services


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