Our vision and strategy for the energy transition

The Port of Rotterdam uses an and/and approach: we aim to innovate the existing industry while also welcoming new, sustainable industry. The energy transition demands new cooperative agreements, new technologies and new business models. We work in changing coalitions to realise concrete projects that ensure CO₂ reduction.

For the transition to a carbon neutral port in 2050, mainly new infrastructure is needed, such as pipelines and cables. For example for heat, electricity, hydrogen, CO₂ and steam. By realising this, Rotterdam will become a more attractive place for companies investing in clean production processes.

Three reports have appeared since 2017 that show that carbon neutral industry and shipping are possible. And how the port aims to work towards this. The first two are studies from the Wuppertal Institut (2017 and 2018). The third is a report from the Rotterdam-Moerdijk Regional Industry Table (2018). This report includes a description of how industry can switch to carbon neutral production methods in three steps.

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