Making waves #11 ‘I want to make huge waves!’


In Rotterdam we are continuously searching for answers to make the port smarter, more efficient, better and more sustainable. How have partners in the port addressed this, why, and what could they have done smarter?

‘Which other port area is located near a metro station?’

Making waves #10
Column Isabelle Vries, General Programme Manager

Isabelle Vries column

‘A smart port researches the future’

Making waves #9
Column Elisabeth van Opstall, Director SmartPort

Elisabeth van Opstall

It makes so much sense – why didn’t we have this already?

Making waves #8
Column Wouter Groen, Nextlogic

Wouter Groen Nextlogic

Playing chess on several boards at once

Making waves #7
Column Alice Krekt, Deltalinqs

Alice Krekt Progammadirecteur Deltalinqs

With BlockLab I feel like a kid in a candy shop

Making waves #6
Column Aljosja Beije, Logistics Lead BlockLab

Aljosja Beije Logistic Lead van Blocklab

Always looking for something new

Making waves #5
Column Vincent Wegener, co-founder and CEO of Captain AI and co-founder RAMLAB and RDM Next

Vincent Wegener Ramlab Captain AI

RDM Rotterdam is golden

Making waves #4
Column Jouke Goslinga, Programme Manager RDM Rotterdam

Jouke Goslinga: Deining #4 ‘Met RDM Rotterdam hebben we goud in handen’

When you bring people together, something magical happens

Making waves #3
Column Carolien Sandee, Director PortXL

Portretfoto Carolien Sandee

You’re really smart if you know what you don’t yet know

Making Waves #2
Column Mark Oosterveer, Programme Manager iTanks

Mark Oosterveer portretfoto

The smart port doesn’t stop at the city limits

Making waves #1
Column Bastiaan van der Knaap, Director of the Rotterdam Port Fund

Bastiaan van der Knaap

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