PortMaster. Port Management System.

Running a safe and efficient port is a complex task. To plan, monitor and administer your port, you need access to large amounts of detailed information coming from dozens of sources and thousands of port users. To be in control, you must have a complete and detailed overview of the entire port as well as the ability to rapidly zoom in on specific events that require your attention. To unlock the full potential of your port, you want a complete and integrated set of tools and dashboards configured for your specific needs and requirements.

PortMaster combines and integrates all these capabilities into a single port management system. It offers various modules for planning, monitoring and port administration that will help increase port performance at all levels.

How does PortMaster work?

By integrating different modules into a single system, PortMaster helps you run a safer, smoother and a much more efficient port.

PortMaster is based on big data and AI technology and provides much more accurate information (such as ETA/ETD) than currently available.

PortMaster offers dashboards that track operational KPI's, monitors safety and sustainability performance and facilitates reporting and regulatory compliance.

PortMaster is designed for seamless integration into existing workflows, applications and information streams and offers an optimal user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

PortMaster is supported by a dedicated team of professionals, ensuring a smooth migration from existing ICT solutions, without downtime of the critical system in a 24/7 environment.

PortMaster is fully configurable. A modular approach allows for rapid upscaling and expansion of functionalities.

PortMaster currently offers the following modules:

  • Port Call: efficiently manage port calls and minimise delays, keep track of all vessel movements and optimise nautical service requests.
  • Port Dues: accurately calculate port dues with minimal administrative work load and easy integration into existing billing systems.
  • Port Journal: monitor and generate reports of all operational particulars and shift changes.
  • Port Track: track all vessels headed for the port.
  • Port Dangerous Goods: administer by IMO standards, monitor and report all noxious and dangerous goods.
  • Port Inspect: plan inspections and verify the actual situation on board and around the ship, prepare reports and analyse compliance trends.
  • Port Incidents: track incidents on a comprehensive action timeline, minimise the consequences, and report and evaluate incidents.
  • Port Planner: book, reserve and manage buoys, berths, anchorages and approaches.
  • Port Cargo: administrate, monitor and report all cargo in the port.
  • Port Permits: administrate, monitor and report all permits and licensed activities in the port.
  • Port Waste: administrate, monitor and report all waste materials in the port.

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Robert Jan Hoitink
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Trends and developments in the field of digitisation are changing the environment in which we and our customers operate. The supply chain partners see opportunities in digitisation, with the potential to improve the competitiveness of the port of Rotterdam.

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