Vegetable oil refining

Six vegetable oils and fats refineries in the port of Rotterdam make the port a major player in the supply of edible oils to the European food industry. In Rotterdam, oils such as palm oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and coconut oil are refined and processed on a large scale.

Vegetable oil processing in Rotterdam

The following oil refineries that process vegetable oils are located in the port of Rotterdam:

Processes taking place in the port of Rotterdam include bleaching, deodorisation, filtering and blending. Extensive facilities for packaging and transport are also available. The oils and fats can for instance be transported in bulk, but also packed in drums or jerrycans and tank containers.

Tank storage for vegetable oils and fats

In addition to the oil refineries, four tank storage companies in the port of Rotterdam offer specialised storage and handling facilities for edible oils and fats. They handle oils and fats for the oil refineries, but they are also used by traders and manufacturers in the food and animal feed industries.

Oil for foods and biofuels

The vegetable oils and fats refined in the port of Rotterdam are intended mainly for the food industry. In recent years the demand for vegetable oils and fats has also increased considerably due to the production of biofuels in the port of Rotterdam.


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