Offshore Center Rotterdam (OCR)

Are you looking for the perfect site to realise your offshore projects: in the port of Rotterdam, surrounded by one of the world’s most important maritime clusters? A location with all the required facilities – from decommissioning to construction and from heavy lift to logistics? The Port of Rotterdam Authority is currently realising Offshore Center Rotterdam (OCR). On 70 ha of newly constructed port site, multiple companies will be joining strengths to swiftly realise your project, on a larger scale than ever before.

  • Total solutions for the expected expansion of offshore activities
  • Room for construction, assembly, heavy lift, logistics, commissioning and decommissioning
  • New port site with a surface area of 70 ha in Prinses Alexiahaven
  • First companies expected to become operational by 2019

The port of Rotterdam is making space for a new Offshore Center for offshore wind power, the decommissioning of oil and gas rigs and the oil & gas sector.

New land for offshore wind farms

The Port Authority is developing Offshore Center Rotterdam on 70 ha of new land at Maasvlakte 2. By realising this new land, the Port Authority creates a dedicated business location for offshore companies that contribute to the development of offshore wind farms. And with good reason: the construction of offshore wind parks is a huge growth market. Over the next few years, we can expect five of the largest wind farms in the world to be constructed off the Dutch coast – and that’s merely one section of the North Sea.

First offshore center in Europe

Offshore Center Rotterdam is the very first in Europe. The realisation of the center, directly on the deep water of the North Sea, allows for companies to cluster their activities and benefit from each other’s proximity. This synergy is achieved through the site’s flexible use by multiple parties, active in a variety of sectors, including offshore wind, decommissioning and oil & gas.

Offshore hub

The development of the Offshore Center Rotterdam is in line with the Port Authority’s ambition to position Rotterdam as Europe’s foremost offshore hub, and to play a leading role in the energy transition. The Port Authority believes it is important that the existing cluster continues to develop so that existing knowledge can be maintained at the same high level, and that the area can draw new economic activity to both the city and the port.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in setting up a location at Offshore Center Rotterdam; how do I go about this?

Please contact the Port Authority via (clicking the link will open your email client) or get in touch with Joost Eenhuizen (please scroll down for contact details).

I am interested in using the Offshore Center Rotterdam; who is the responsible contact?

The Port Authority can bring you in touch with the relevant parties. Please contact the Port Authority via (clicking the link will open your email client) or get in touch with Joost Eenhuizen (please scroll down for contact details).

What is the planning for the realisation of the Offshore Center Rotterdam?

The Port Authority starts constructing the ‘heavy load’ deep sea quay – which will initially be 600 metres long – and the required infrastructure as soon as possible.

When will the Offshore Center Rotterdam be taken into use?

The first companies are expected to become operational in mid-2019.

Where exactly will the Offshore Center Rotterdam be realised?

Offshore Center Rotterdam (OCR) will be realised in Prinses Alexiahaven, against the seawall near the berth of the Pioneering Spirit.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Offshore Center? Please contact:

Joost Eenhuizen
Business Manager Maritime and Offshore Industry
+31 (0)6 2369 3698

Offshore in the Rotterdam port

Rotterdam’s port has an ambition: to become Europe’s ultimate offshore port. The wide range of possibilities, 26 metres of maximum water depth, proximity to the North Sea and the service providers’ years of experience and expertise all make Rotterdam’s port a smart place to be based.

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