Drone flight area cancellation

UAV Operator Flight Cancellation Form

This form enables an organization to submit flight cancellation for a confirmed flight area. The form is valid for a requested area in Port of Rotterdam Maasvlakte/Europoort, the area outside the CTR.

Please send in this form whenever a planned and confirmed flight area will not be used, regardless the reason. Other operators will be able to request that area.

Once submitted, the Port of Rotterdam Airspace Managers will perform the following steps:

  1. Review the cancellation request and delete it from the UTM system.
  2. The Airspace Managers will send a confirmation email to the UAV operator and PIC in the field during working hours; Monday - Friday 9:00-17:00.


The organization and form submitter is responsible to update the entire organization's teams involved in the cancelled flight.

All details provided in the form will be handled only for the purpose of the U-Space Airspace Prototype, with discretion and in line with our privacy statement. All details will be deleted at the end of the 2-year prototype period.

Thank you for your cooperation,
VLL Airspace Centre
Port of Rotterdam Authority

i.e: Hutchison Ports ECT Delta.