Enhance the ease of doing business in your port with Navigate.
Shippers, carriers, forwarders, agents and others that make use of your port require a wide range of facilities and supporting services. Navigate is a comprehensive online platform that puts your port’s entire network of connections, depots, terminals and other facilities and services at the fingertips of all those that make use of your port. The tool lets users compare various connections, modalities and necessary services to and from your port and plan the optimal cargo routes accordingly.

How does Navigate work?

Navigate lets port users tap into the entire port network and all available services. You can try out yourself at Navigate Rotterdam, Navigate SOHAR and Navigate Gdansk.

  • Navigate is cloud based and offers information about your port on a global scale. It comes installed with data sets that are specifically customized for your port and your region.
  • The platform can be integrated into your existing website. This gives users easy access to the platform from any pc or mobile device.
  • Navigate Enterprise offers users a complete overview of all the connections, options and additional services your port network provides.
  • Users can search, browse and compare cargo routes and see which modalities are available (train, truck, barge) using extensive search and filter options.
  • Users can select the most suitable option based on their own criteria like preferred modalities, transit time or CO2 emissions. Of course, more information or a quotation can be requested with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Additionally, Navigate offers extensive analysis tools and dashboards with relevant user data.

'Navigate is one of these sophisticated smart solutions that will set the standard for the years to come. The genius of this application lies in its simplicity. It will allow our clients to connect, compare and explore the entire supply chain faster than ever – and that is exactly what we want to provide.'

lukasz-greinke-port-of-gdansk Lukasz Greinke, president of the board of the port of Gdansk Authority

The benefits of Navigate

  • Navigate greatly enhances the ease of doing business for all port users. It is an open platform that increases transparency throughout the chain and enables a port’s clients to access the entire network and services.
  • Navigate helps ports and port service providers improve their service level. The platform offers and integrated analytics dashboard that provides user insights that facilitate effective marketing and commercial efforts. Additionally, it provides information that helps improve port operations.
  • Navigate is future proof. Navigate is a world-class solution, developed for ports that have the ambition to grow and be among the highest rated ports in their region. The tool has already proven itself in the Port of Rotterdam and is continually being improved – to the benefi t of any port using it, without need for further investments.

'The launch of Navigate is a good first step and we are excited about its role in the global logistics market. With the addition of more operational data Navigate will become an increasingly valuable resource to improve efficiency within the supply chain.'

Anacin Kum, CEO of Hutchison Ports SOHAR

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