3D-printing the port

3D-printing is booming, its opportunities endless. For the ones who don’t own a 3D printer, but would like to use one, there is the RDM Makerspace at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam.

Since it’s opening last September multiple companies, but also students, artist, engineers and architects know where to find the RDM Makerspace for prototyping, model making and design. Located in the same building as the Rotterdam University of Applied Science and the Albeda College at the RDM Dock, it has all kind of tools and machineries available for use: not only different types of 3D printers and a 3D scanner, but also laser cutters, wood working tools, milling and welding machines. It works the same way as a gym: with a membership you get access to the playground.

The thought behind the so-called social venture is that innovation and entrepreneurship can be stimulated by bringing together creative people with different skills and backgrounds and by offering them the tools and machines to be inventive.

Oil and gas engineering company Hitard Engineering has printed 3D-models of heat exchangers and pressure vessels for refineries at the RDM Makerspace, Managing Director Rade Draskic: “These models enable us to show our customers and new employees how all the different parts work together. You actually have something physical to show them. We always get real positive responses on the printed parts.”

For more information on the RDM Makerspace have a look at the website.

Read more on 3D-printing and its effects on port industry in Perspectives Magazine.

Jurjen Lengkeek

Co-founder RDM Makerspace - RDM Makerspace

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