5 questions asked to Frans Vroegop

Name: Frans Vroegop
Title: Managing Director ZIM Netherlands BV

What is the most striking, startling or surprising development in the maritime sector that caught your attention lately? And can you explain why?

In my opinion, the opening of Maasvlakte 2 was the most startling development in the maritime sector lately. Created on time and within budget, well done! And company wise, it was the redevelopment of our vision and mission. With our new branding supporting this vision and mission, like the video below, ZIM is ready for the future.

How did you get in your current position at ZIM?

I got in my current position at ZIM in 2006 after working in the container shipping industry for more than 33 years. Before that I have worked at Contship and CPShips in various management positions.

What is your personal highlight in 2013 that makes you proud?

I am proud of the fact that I manage a professional team in Rotterdam that is devoted to run that extra mile for the company, despite the difficult times within the industry. We are small, but able to show our stars on the market. Our slogan “we cross oceans for you” is not just a saying, but it’s a fact and also part of our DNA. We really care about our customers and offer tailor made solutions and personal contact.

What are the biggest challenges for ZIM this year?

My biggest challenge is to continue the growth of ZIM, like during the past six years. And ofcourse we want to maintain our good reputation. Despite the crisis, we still use the 10.000 + ships of our fleet for shipping from and to the Far East and the port of Rotterdam. This keeps us on the map. Like little dots, but together we are strong and able to take care of the company.

What makes your work very special?

We turn our threats into challenges: a global reach with a local touch. Every hour, every day, every month and every year makes my work special. I enjoy every single moment together with the people around me.

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