Agreement reached on Single Window proposal for shipping

On February 8 a compromise was reached in Brussels between the Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament on the proposal to harmonize ship reporting in Europe (Regulation for a European Maritime Single Window environment).

Haven Coördinatie Centrum

For the Port of Rotterdam and other major ports in Europe, it was of great importance that investments in existing Port Community Systems (Portbase) and port call optimization processes would not be affected.

The final text contains a compromise that provides security for Port Community Systems in relation to the public National Single Windows that have to act as access points at the national level for all reporting formalities.

Port Community Systems that meet the requirements of the European reporting interface module must be allowed by member states as additional reporting systems. This was an important condition for the Port of Rotterdam in the discussion on the EU single window file.

On the basis of the final text, which still has to be published, we will examine the consequences of the EMSWe Regulation for the reporting process in European ports and discuss this with, among others, the ministry responsible for the implementation at Member State level.

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