Be aware: online storage capacity scam

12 May 2020
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FERM has issued a storage spoofing warning on its website; this relates to the sale of non-existent storage capacity and stocks of raw materials and materials at terminals in the Rotterdam port area. This is an internet scam. Storage spoofing appears to be on the increase during the coronavirus crisis. Losses can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros and FERM receives new notifications every week.

Staff member in Harbour Coordination Centre

FERM also states on its website: The target groups for these fraudulent activities are first and foremost national and international companies that have or are seeking storage in the port area. These activities also concern all potential buyers of trade from port area terminals, trade that is offered under false pretences but in practice proves not to exist. Even companies that have their own storage terminals in the port area are potential victims of this kind of fraud, as their names and networks are misused by cyber criminals.