Biofuel for every ship in the port of Rotterdam

GoodFuels Marine, Boskalis and Wärtsilä are joining forces to offer vessels the option of sailing on biofuel. The three companies started a two-year pilot in the port of Rotterdam: the world’s biggest bio-based cluster.

A ship that sails on frying oil? If it were up to GoodFuels Marine, this would no longer be a distant possibility. GoodFuels wants to use biofuel from waste frying oil to reduce vessels’ CO2 emissions. GoodFuels Marine is to offer vessels in the port of Rotterdam the option of biodiesel bunkering. Result? Reduction in SOx and CO2 emissions. Boskalis would like part of its fleet to sail on biofuel and is enthusiastic. That’s why GoodFuels, Boskalis and engine supplier Wärtsilä started a two-year pilot.

Frying oil as fuel

The port of Rotterdam would like to be the smartest and most sustainable port in the world. Like LNG, biofuel is a perfect match for the port of Rotterdam. The world’s largest bio-based cluster is located in Rotterdam. In the port, frying oil is processed into high quality biofuel for ships. Vessels can bunker the biofuels quickly and efficiently. All important aspects regarding biofuel are converging in the port: production, trade, storage and throughput.

Biofuel for every fleet

GoodFuels’ biofuel is ready for the future. In addition to frying oil, other waste streams are also suitable for refining into biofuel. For example, it is possible to make biofuel and chemicals from waste wood. There is an inflow of sustainable waste wood in the port of Rotterdam This means that sustainable fuel bunkering is no longer the future, but reality.

Sustainable Marine Biofuel.
Clean energy now.
Ready to scale up.

Make it happen.


Would you like to know more about biobased industry in the port of Rotterdam? Please contact:

Stijn Effting Havenbedrijf Rotterdam
Stijn Effting
Program Manager Renewable Chemicals and Fuels
Joris Hurenkamp
Sr Business Manager Chemicals and Dry Bulk

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