Booming for Rotterdam!

07 April 2020
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On Wednesday, 8 April at noon, ships in Rotterdam’s port area will be sounding their horns for 30 seconds to encourage everyone living and working in the city.

This is an initiative of Peter Verhage of Eyecatcher, de filmmakers. Via a video message he has called on all ships in the port to simultaneously sound their horns at 12 o’ clock, for a full 30 seconds. This will be a resounding reminder on the part of companies and vessels in the region that we are in this together and that we need to hang in there.

Normally speaking, the Harbour Master wouldn’t allow this kind of thing, but he is prepared to make an exception in these trying times. Our own patrol boats are also allowed to participate in the event.

Harbour Master René de Vries expects participants will be using their common sense and not emit any sounds or signals that could lead to misunderstandings.