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Building a sustainable future

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority

From 7 March 2017 the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s 2016 annual report will be on the website. The annual report provides information on the social and economic value that the Port of Rotterdam Authority creates for its stakeholders.

The past year was a financially stable and healthy one for the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Investments, particularly in infrastructure, play an important part in ensuring an attractive investment climate for the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s customers. In addition, the focus in 2016 was on two major challenges, namely the energy transition and digitisation. Under the Paris agreement on climate change, we have the complex task as a society and as a port and industrial complex of reducing CO2 emissions by 80 to 95% by 2050. The Port of Rotterdam Authority aims to make the port area a leader in the development and large-scale application of current and new technologies aimed at reducing the impact of fossil fuel consumption on the environment and fostering circular processes and the use of renewable energy.

Digitisation and automation provide major opportunities to make logistics processes more efficient. In close cooperation with the business community, we therefore launched a range of pilot projects in 2016 aimed at making data more transparent and, based on that greater transparency, increasing the efficiency of container transport between the port and inland destinations.

In view of the social approach of projects and investments, we adopted a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement in 2016. The CSR statement describes how we work as an organisation to achieve a positive social impact and the action that we take in the context of our responsibility to society.

The integrated annual report complies with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s auditor audited the financial data, the text and the non-financial information in the annual report and issued an audit opinion.

Building a sustainable future

The Annual Report 2016 is titled ‘Building a sustainable future’ and provides insight into the performance and results of the Port of Rotterdam Authority in 2016. Download the English highlights version. Our full annual report is only available in Dutch.

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