Buoys and Dolphins

How can the port of Rotterdam offer added value to ship-to-ship transfers when it comes to safety and sustainability and, at the same time, optimize the logistic planning process and profitability for port-clients?

A flexible alternative, with the efficiency and security of the port

The world of logistics and industry is changing rapidly. Nowadays, ‘time is money’ counts even more than it did before. And, next to making profits, companies also want to maximize their responsibility when it comes to sustainability. This is partly driven by regulations for taking care of the environment and safety. This creates challenges and almost forces companies to choose between environment, safety and profit.

The market needed an alternative for the ship-to-ship transfers at offshore transfer locations, that would guarantee logistic efficiency and sustainable operations, even in case of less favourable weather conditions. We found out that it is more efficient and environmentally friendly to facilitate ship-to-ship transfer operations in sheltered water. This perspective was the trigger to establish and expand an enormous and unparalleled number of buoys and dolphins in the port of Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam is of opinion that companies do not necessarily have to choose and that caring about the environment and safety can go hand in hand with making profit and efficient logistics.

Vessels of all sizes can load and unload both liquid and dry bulk at the terminals and the buoys and dolphins in the port of Rotterdam. This guarantees ship-to-ship transfer operations even in case of bad weather and/or high waves. In the port vessels rarely encounter delays and know in advance when they can load and unload their cargo. They can also use these facilities for lay-by between terminal operations or services like repair work or bunkering.

Read more information about locations and reservations of buoys and dolphins.


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