Catch up on webinar about the coronavirus and the port of Rotterdam

21 April 2020
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On 17 April, our live-streamed webinar about the impact of the coronavirus on the port of Rotterdam was watched by some 700 viewers. Did you miss the webinar at the time? You can now watch a subtitled version of the recording.

In addition to Port Authority CEO Allard Castelein, the panel was made up of three members of the port’s COVID-19 steering group: Kees Groeneveld (MD of Euro Nordic and Chair of the Association of Rotterdam Shipbrokers and Agents), Ben Maelissa (MD of the Danser Group and Deltalinqs board member) and Roderick de la Houssaye, (MD of NedCargo and Chair of Fenex). During the webinar, viewers submitted one question after the other via live chat. In the meantime we have answered any remaining unanswered questions personally. We have also classified questions into groups and formulated answers to them.

In a discussion moderated by Bart Pals, Editor-in-Chief of Nieuwsblad Transport, the four members of the steering group went into the current situation in the port and viewers’ questions. They discussed the situation at the terminals, the port’s connections with the hinterland and the impact on current investment projects in the port complex. The panel also discussed recommendations to reflect on new revenue models that will enable the port to effectively respond to the new reality.