Our Asian website has gone live. In Chinese and in English. An online hub for the Asian business community to find a wealth of relevant information and news. To make it even easier to capitalise on opportunities in Europe, through our port.

Rotterdam has a tradition of strong ties with the East. Good trade relations between the Netherlands and Asia have existed since the beginning of the 17th century. Today, in 2016, Rotterdam is not only Europe’s largest port, but also the most important one in terms of import and export trade with the largest continent in the world. For instance, nearly half of all containers transhipped in Rotterdam come from Asia, but also in the field of liquid and dry bulk, oil and chemicals and breakbulk there are many freight flows in both directions.

In itself, that is no surprise. Due to Rotterdam’s unique location, it provides the quickest access to Europe. All the important European industrial centres and a market of more than 500 million people can be accessed within 24 hours from the port of Rotterdam.

Asia and Rotterdam are therefore more connected than ever. I am convinced that we need to cooperate even more closely if we are to take advantage of the shared opportunities the future holds for us. Good cooperation starts with good communication. Our new Asian website is an investment in this. East and West: better connected than ever!

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