Container safety increases with new gas measuring tool

Rotterdam-based gas measuring company KGN has come up with an application that reduces the number of containers in need of testing for dangerous concentrations of chemical gases based on automated statistical risk analyses.

Millions of containers enter the Port of Rotterdam each year. Approximately 12 to 18 percent of these containers contain hazardous gases, such as fumigants, pesticides or production gasses in concentrations that are harmful to people upon opening. As creating a safe working environment for employees is part of the Dutch laws, containers need to be tested before opening the doors. In the port of Rotterdam numerous companies are active in checking containers for gases.

But as checking millions of containers a year is a costly and time consuming practice, gas measuring company KGN has come up with a measuring reduction program. This online tool makes a risk analysis of a specific container based on the type of cargo, trade flows and information from previous tests. The application divides the containers into three categories: safe, potential hazard and definitely exceeding limit. Based on this information the number of containers that need to be tested in the future can be brought down significantly.

“This new tool will be integrated in our web portal within two to three months time,” says Rick Kramer, Managing Director of KGN. “The portal itself offers 24/7 access to information about the testing process, reports and test results. This new tool is really innovative. It is aimed at companies that let KGN test their containers regularly as the tool needs quite a lot of information before it can give accurate estimations. For clients with large and steady product streams in sectors such as distribution of food and feed, electronics, shoes, leather ware and textiles this reduction program will cut costs, saves time and it still offers a safe working environment for all involved.”

Rick Kramer

General Manager - KGN

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