Coronavirus tests

14 April 2020
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Concerns about the coronavirus outbreak have led a number of companies – including businesses in the port of Rotterdam – to seek out means to test their staff for the virus. Deltalinqs and the Port of Rotterdam Authority urgently advise companies to adhere to national policy as drawn up by RIVM and only use testing capacity if this is deemed necessary by a GP or other physician.

Ships on the Maas at Rotterdam city centre

RIVM is aware of coronavirus ‘home tests’ being offered on the market. These rapid tests allow the user to check whether someone has recently been in contact with the virus (i.e. a week ago or longer). However, these rapid tests cannot be used to determine whether someone is carrying the virus at the time of testing, or whether the individual can infect others at that point. The only tests that can clearly establish whether a patient is carrying the virus are those performed by accredited laboratories.