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Dordrecht Inland Seaport wants bunkering station for LNG and other cleaner fuels

The Port of Rotterdam Authority wants a new multi-fuel bunkering station for refuelling with LNG and other cleaner fuels. The anticipated location of the bunkering station is Krabbegors/Duivelseiland at Dordrecht Inland Seaport. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and PitPoint.LNG have therefore signed a declaration of intent regarding a joint investigation into the construction of such a multi-fuel bunkering station.

Foto: Ries van Wendel de Joode

“As operator of Europe’s largest port, the Port Authority sees the establishment of a multi-fuel bunkering station as fitting in with its policy of pioneering European energy transition. It will help us stimulate the replacement of fuel oil by LNG as the fuel for shipping”, says Ronald Paul, COO at the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Duivelseiland in Dordrecht: a unique location
The anticipated location for this multi-fuel bunkering station is the Duivelseiland in Dordrecht where the Oude Maas, Dordtse Kil and the Beneden Merwede meet. Dordrecht Inland Seaport is the most landward sea port in the Netherlands. Lying at the heart of the Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Antwerp shipping area as well the being the starting point for shipping heading towards Germany, it is the perfect location for this kind of bunkering station.

In the coming time, Pitpoint.LNG and the Port of Rotterdam Authority will work together on a detailed investigation into the realisation of the multi-fuel bunkering station. Among other things, this will involve talking to potential customers, partners and suppliers to look into how to match the supply of and demand for cleaner fuels as closely as possible.
Whether we are talking about hydrogen, electric power, bio-diesel or LNG/CNG, the central theme of the investigation is that all fuels at the multi-fuel bunkering station must produce less polluting emissions than traditional fuels. This applies to ships and lorries as well as passenger vehicles. The aim is to work together in a cleaner climate and living environment.

“Realising a multi-fuel bunkering station of this kind is part of PitPoint.LNG’s strategy of developing a European LNG refuelling infrastructure. We look forward to continuing work on this project with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, so we can contribute to cleaner transport,” says Jan Willem Drijver, Managing Director of PitPoint.LNG.

About PitPoint.LNG
PitPoint.LNG is a joint venture formed between PitPoint clean fuels and Primagaz Nederland BV. This joint venture is aimed entirely at realising and operating an LNG infrastructure for lorries and ships.

About the Port of Rotterdam Authority
Since 2013, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has been in charge of the operation and development of the Dordrecht sea port. In order to make full use of the potential of the 290-hectare port area and the adjacent industrial sites, the Port Authority is working with the municipality of Dordrecht and businesses on its redevelopment. The aim is to develop the port visibly and successfully into a vital sea port area which will make port-related companies want to set up business there.

This project is part of “Inland Waterway Transport (IWT)”.
Co-funded by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.

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