Easy Jetty cleaning with Jopie and Japie

Safety is an important in the maritime sector. That is why Boskalis offshore subsea services asked iTanks to help figure out a way to clean jetties and terminal post without putting divers at risk. iTanks took the challenge and looked for the right partners. Together with Dow and All Seas a remote controlled multipurpose cleaning tool was invented, along with a cofferdam to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.

Boeien en Palen

Innovative discoveries need catchy names and credits. This is how ‘Jopie’ and ‘Japie’ came to life. Typical Dutch and named after their inventors Joop Riemens from Dow and Jaap Wijsman from All Seas. ‘Jopie’ does the cleaning, cutting and scanning. As soon as the paint needs to come off, ‘Japie’ steps in to make sure that the dirt is being dispatched and the surface water stays clean.

Part of the challenge for iTanks, in inventing a solution for the manual cleaning of jetties and terminal posts, was also to make it quicker and therefore more efficient. And with result, because ‘Jopie’ and ‘Japie’ only need 1,5 days instead of 4. Just like the Port of Rotterdam Authority does with their buoys and dolphins, ‘Jopie’ and ‘Japie’ contribute to a safer and more efficient port.

‘Jopie’ and ‘Japie’ were introduced in 2012 and their calendars are already fully booked for the coming year. A great success and let’s be honest – if you could find a robot to clean your house, would you still insist on doing it yourself?

Cor van de Linde

Founder - iTanks

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