Eurofrigo constructs new cold store with inspection point on Maasvlakte

17 February 2021
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Logistics service provider Eurofrigo has started construction of a new cold storage facility on the Maasvlakte. The new cold store is Eurofrigo’s sixth site in the Netherlands. The new building will also house an ultra-modern veterinary inspection point. Eurofrigo’s new cold store is expected to be completed in mid-2021.

Artist impression of Eurofrigo's new cold store
Artist impression of Eurofrigo’s new cold store

Logistics service provider Eurofrigo is making great headway. Both metaphorically and literally. Opposite the existing site on Karimatastraat on the Maasvlakte, Europe’s leading temperature-controlled food storage company is working hard to build its sixth cold storage facility.

Not only do the new premises represent an increase in Eurofrigo’s storage capacity; they will also allow the logistics service provider to respond more quickly and flexibly to changes and growth in market demand.

Added value

The new site is a sign that Eurofrigo is fully committed to value-added services (VAS). The new cold store will be a state-of-the-art building with cells made up of separate, individually adjustable temperature zones and a veterinary inspection point. The veterinary inspection point will meet the latest requirements to ensure a faster and more effective flow of goods, which has become even more important since Brexit.

'We took the decision to expand our capacity in inspection points and storage because we want to work in a more customer-oriented way and provide greater flexibility with regard to inspections,' explains Jeroen Tempels, CEO of Eurofrigo. He adds that the inspection point is one of the key benefits of the new site. 'In terms of the number of inspection points. we have been the market leader for 27 years, and we have been working closely with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) for a very long time. Our new, modern inspection point will help us create an even stronger position in the market.'

Expertise and adaptability

These days, clients expect more from a logistics service provider than simply expertise. The ability to adapt to such a dynamic market is at least as important. Temples acknowledges this as well: 'The demand from our clients is becoming increasingly focused on VAS solutions. The planned expansion of our capacity and services at the Maasvlakte site will mean we are even better placed to meet this growing demand and to be the strong, long-term supply chain partner that clients are seeking.'

Besides VAS, inspections and storage, Eurofrigo and its sister company Thermotraffic offer a complete logistics solution: from customs clearance, transport and export to inspection, container unloading and loading, storage, order picking, repackaging, weighing and quality control.

Eurofrigo already has five other cold stores in the Netherlands: two in Rotterdam (Eemhaven and Maasvlakte), both of which have inspection points, and three in Limburg. From these sites, which provide temperature-controlled storage ranging from -25 °C to +6 °C, the logistics provider offers clients a wide choice when it comes to the optimised storage and processing of temperature-sensitive products, such as veterinary products and agrofood.

Growth market

Eurofrigo’s new site at Distripark Maasvlakte means further expansion for one of the agrofood hotspots in the Port of Rotterdam. An expansion that is in line with the growth of this market. Agrofood, which includes veterinary products such as fish and meat, has been showing strong growth for some years. The sector has a sizeable 40% share of the total European flow of goods. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years.

'We aim to accommodate the continuing growth in the agrofood segment,' explains Emile Hoogsteden, Commercial Director at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. 'The expansion of Eurofrigo and the unique value-added services that the organisation offers will also help bolster Rotterdam’s position as an agrofood port.'

Market leader

After the United States, the Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of agrofood products. A record sum of nearly €95 billion was traded in 2019. This is one of the reasons why the Port of Rotterdam, with its 19 million tonnes of throughput per year, is the market leader in Western Europe.

The strong ambition to remain Europe’s leading agrofood hub and the willingness to invest in this position make Rotterdam the perfect operational base for agrofood companies.