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Expansion of empty depot capacity on Maasvlakte

On distripark Maasvlakte, the empty depot capacity is to be expanded substantially in the coming years. This is to accommodate the growing demand for container services, including repairs, cleaning, modifications and inspections. This week, Kramer and Van Doorn signed a contract with the Port of Rotterdam Authority to give substance to this expansion.

The expansion is part of the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s long-term strategy to achieve growth in the depot cluster, particularly on the Maasvlakte. The greatest growth in container volume is occurring here, partly due to the opening of the new deep sea container terminals. This expansion means that we can guarantee the service provided to clients of the port and the shipping companies.

“Rotterdam, with its extensive network of deep sea, feeder and short sea connections, is a very important hub in NW Europe when it comes to the repositioning of empty containers. In addition, the empty depots in the port of Rotterdam have an extremely good reputation in terms of the service they provide,” says Lida Maclean, business manager at the Port Authority. “The price-quality ratio is highly competitive and the depots are concerned all the time with improving their service through innovations, including automated entrance gates, self-service counters, damage assessment by means of handhelds and viewing container stock at the depot in real time via the Internet. The empty depots in the port of Rotterdam are very ambitious and, with the expansion of Kramer and Van Doorn on the Maasvlakte, we are aiming at further development and strengthening of this cluster.”

Van Doorn has already been active for a long time on the Maasvlakte and has occupied its current location at the tip of distripark Maasvlakte since 2007. The life of this site is to be extended and Van Doorn will also be given the option of further expanding its site.

Kramer is going to develop a new site on distripark Maasvlakte and is looking into the possibilities of a partially automated depot. This will give Kramer a completely free hand with its site on the Hartelhaven, Rotterdam Container Terminal, for the further development of the Barge & Feeder Service Center. The empty container services will be concentrated at the new site and at Kramer Delta.

The new sites of Kramer and Van Doorn have been linked to the existing CTR (Closed Transport Route) from the start and are therefore connected with Kramer’s other sites and with the deep sea container terminals on Maasvlakte 1. In time, the sites will also be linked with the deep sea container terminals on Maasvlakte 2 by means of the Container Exchange Route, which has not yet been constructed. This will also enable cost-efficient transport between the depots and these deep sea terminals in the future.

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