First container transferium in the Netherlands operational

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority

The container transferium BCTN Alblasserdam has been put into use. This is where trucks deliver their containers that are then transported to Maasvlakte 2 by inland vessel or vice versa. Once the transferium is in full operation it will save 180,000 trucks per year the trip on the A15 motorway to and from Maasvlakte 2.

Until recently, we were only familiar with a transferium as a P+R outside major cities and shopping areas. The aim was to reduce the parking pressure in the city centre and traffic jams on the roads to the city. This is basically the same. The only difference is that it involves containers in this case. Trucks that would otherwise need to take the busy A15 motorway to get to the Maasvlakte, will now deliver and pick up their containers at the transferium. Inland vessels provide a daily shuttle to the terminals at the Maasvlakte where the containers are loaded and unloaded. This ensures quicker, smarter and cleaner transport.


"In addition to saving the truck drivers 3 to 4 hours in time, I think we have taken another important step towards improving the accessibility of the port of Rotterdam and the region," says Ronald Paul, COO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. “We believe in this project.” The reduction in the number of trucks on the road is not the only benefit the Transferium brings. BCTN itself was also set up in the most sustainable way and with care for the environment. It is equipped with electric cranes, uses cleaner fuel sources, has shore-based power facilities for inland shipping, sustainable lighting, additional measures to shield noise and light, and even the stones with which the terminal is paved were fabricated using a low-CO2 process.

Cooperation between authorities

Paul: "In addition, the container transferium is a wonderful example of cooperation between authorities. Obviously including the municipality of Alblasserdam, which understood the potential for the development of the area and made it possible. The project was also partly made possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the Province of South Holland; as part of Randstad Urgent. And for this project, the Department of Waterways and Public Works and the Province of South Holland adjusted the local road structure in such a way that the container transferium can function optimally."

Boost for the region

BCTN gives the region a boost when it comes to employment in the area. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is in talks with various parties regarding the surrounding grounds of about seven hectares. We are looking for logistics companies that could contribute to strengthening the Container Transferium. The plots will also be offered on the Port Real Estate application.


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