Energy transition

First ‘hovering’ hydrogen-powered boat holding trials in port of Rotterdam

29 June 2021
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Design, test and build a hydrogen-powered racing boat – all within the space of a year? Delft University of Technology’s Solar Boat Team proved up to the challenge. And now they’re putting the result of all their hard work to the test, in the port of Rotterdam.

The racing boat relies entirely on hydrogen for propulsion. The vessel is fitted with hydrofoils that lift the hull out of the water – allowing the boat to fly, as it were, above the water’s surface. This summer, the team will be entering the boat into the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, the world championship for vessels powered by clean energy sources.

Europe’s Hydrogen Hub

To successfully establish itself as a leading hydrogen hub, the port of Rotterdam continues to focus on innovations in this field and practical applications for hydrogen technology. Which is also why the Port of Rotterdam Authority has sponsored the development of the Delft hydrogen boat. Edwin van Espen, the port Authority’s International Development Manager: “We are in talks with all sorts of parties and we are already making a lot of plans. This project shows that with existing technology, you can already use hydrogen as a green source of power for racing boats.”


The Port Authority is working with various partners towards the introduction of a large-scale hydrogen network across the port complex, making Rotterdam an international hub for hydrogen production, import, application and transport to other countries in Northwest Europe. The hub will also enable Rotterdam to maintain its position as important energy port for Northwest Europe in the future.