Floating islands greenify and improve Rotterdam’s water

Europe’s first floating island in the project ‘Drijvend Groen’ (Floating Greenery) in the Buizengat, Kralingen was unveiled on 25 September. The project, devised by Tieme Haddeman, is in response to the wishes of Mayor Aboutaleb, who is busy making the city a greener place. The idea was born two years ago, when Haddeman looked out over the port from his balcony. Haddeman, owner of Urban Green, focuses on two goals; to improve spatial planning and enhance the quality of the water in the port.

Photo: Dick Renses

In March of this year the first prototype was unveiled in the Dokhaven of RDM Rotterdam. The project ‘Drijvend Groen’ is an innovative project of the young firm Urban Green, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and the Municipality of Rotterdam, which is taking shape within Aqua Dock and with the cooperation of the CoP Drijvend Bouwen from the RDM Centre of Expertise.

Cooperating to improve
In urban areas various laws and requirements apply in relation to both nature and man. ‘Drijvend Groen’ is a project that has brought these rules and requirements as close to each other as possible. As a result of the cooperation between the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and the Urban Green firm, both the needs of nature and those of the city’s inhabitants have been merged into one project. It is a bonus for life below and above water.

Urban Green
Urban Green, a young Rotterdam firm operating on RDM Rotterdam, is not only geared towards creating more greenery in the city, but also keeps a keen eye on the knock-on effect it has. Improving spatial planning by introducing more greenery also enhances social quality. This is an aspect that, in addition to bringing more nature into urban areas, also ultimately plays a much more important role in our society.

For futher information on this project, visit Urban Green's website.

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